Sunday, June 17, 2007

Small Business Systems

My cousin runs her own small business selling innovative and creative gifts for newborns and little children. She loves working on her own business as she says it gives her time to spend with her family plus she doesn’t need to answer to any mean boss’ whims and fancies. However, it wasn’t that easy initially when she was trying to set up her business systems and controls to ensure that her business could run efficiently. She used to call me often to ask for ideas or suggestions on how she should structure her systems and what controls she should put in. I advised her to try Forturo which specializes in Small Business Management Systems.

Their software is an easy to install and easy to use software which tracks the entire business process lifecycle through 7 modules. It helps to manage customer contacts, to quotes, ordering, inventory management, time management and invoicing. I gave it a trial run before she installed it and I was truly impressed by the quality software which got me all the information I wanted in the minimum number of clicks. It was really easy to use and I’m sure her staff will be able to use it in no time at all, with minimum training. Their strong user friendly interface and comprehensive help directory minimizes the need for training as staff can learn easily on the job. What I found very useful too was the fact that it could be accessed anywhere in the world with its built in remote hosting capability. This was especially important for my cousin as she was considering expanding her business to Singapore.

She’s been using this system for several months already and recently called me to thank me for recommending it to her. Her business management has improved tremendously since which has led to a highly profitable and successful business for her.


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Ron James said...

I'm impressed with how you helped your cousin. It is really important to have a system when you want to run a business. My suggestion to all who are planning to start one, start planning for your system. If you're into merchandising, warehousing is a complex process, likewise with the other departments of an organization. Forturo is a great one. On my end, I am using chess for my stock and warehouse management software. Good luck to all beginning entrepreneurs ;)