Friday, June 22, 2007

City of the Little Mermaid

My family and I are planning a trip to the UK next year. Woohoo! But this time, instead of just going around the UK, we have decided to branch out into Europe. As we have all been to Paris and Brussels, we thought we might pay a visit to the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen. Sis knows some people from there so we might try and see if they know of any Cheap Hotels in Copenhagen that we can stay in. We've heard so much about the little brass mermaid and despite what everyone says about how small it is and how it's not worth it to go all the way there just to see a little bronze figurine, we're fans of Hans Christian Anderson and wouldn't miss it for the world! So cheap hotels will come in very useful. After all, the cost of living there is so high, any savings will be great. I can't wait!


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