Thursday, June 28, 2007

Medical Cover while Traveling

I’m an avid traveler and used to think that travel insurance that covered flight delays and lost luggage was sufficient. The senior employees in my company used to have access to medical travel insurance as well but it was limited due to the high premium cost. However, I’m so glad that affordable medical travel insurance is now available for ordinary travelers from It’s an insurance that provides excellent coverage for various medical conditions during your travels for those up to 79 years on Single Trip travel insurance policies which is great as the older the traveler is, the higher risk he or she may have to his or her health. They have a dedicated 24 hours medical emergency service, ready to take you from anywhere you are in the world to the nearest best medical facilities. I was amazed too at their coverage of hazardous activities which included scuba diving which most insurance policies do not cover due to the risks involved. It’s a fantastic policy and I would definitely not hesitate in getting one for myself and my family. At least now, we can travel with peace of mind that we will still be protected even in medical emergencies.

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