Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Spy

I’m a big fan of spy movies. I remember watching this interesting programme when I was little about at spy named Flint. Later I progressed on to the hunky dory James Bond movies with his amazing gadgets! I used to read the comic about the little white and black spies in MAD magazine? It never ceased to amaze me how all these spies came up with such highly imaginative ways to conceal their identity whilst carrying out their mission.

So when I was asked to write about how I would conceal my identity while carrying a mission, naturally, my head was brimming with ideas! Being female, it’s somewhat easier as you can always pass off for a glamorous heiress, a beautiful socialite or since I’m Asian, a little maid! The hotel maid is probably the best disguise as it’ll give me access to my enemies’ rooms and the freedom to snoop around without their knowing! That way, I’ll have access to all their secrets. After all, most people leave their inhibitions out of the door the minute they enter their rooms!

However if you would like to see a real spy in action, do not miss USA Network's Burn Notice which will premiere on June 28th. It stars a dashing CIA agent who needs to assume all kinds of identities to fulfill his mission! Will he fail or will he succeed? Don’t forget to tune into USA Network’s Burn Notice to find out more!

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