Friday, June 08, 2007

Debt Free

One of the best advices I was ever given when I first started working was good debt advice from my parents. They warned me always save and as much as possible, never get too deep in debt or spend beyond my means. Debts such as mortgages are inevitable but they constantly cautioned against getting into credit card debts. Good credit card advice like that can also be found in The Thrifty Scot where they help you understand how your debts can rack up without you even realizing it, just because credit cards isn’t an immediate cash outflow. Through The Thrifty Scot, I also learnt how I can be a property millionaire and let my money work for me instead. House prices are on the rise everywhere and with luck and good timing maybe I could be on my way to that! If you’re having debt problems or would just like to learn more on how to become debt savvy and debt free, do read The Thrifty Scot!


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