Friday, June 29, 2007

Online Dates

When I was in Uni, chat program such as ICQ were hugely popular amongst the students. With ICQ, you could chat with people from everywhere in the world. I used to try it out for fun and used to chat with someone from UK who happened to be in the same chatroom as I was. It was fun initially until they started asking very personal questions which got me wary and I stopped chatting after a while. However, a friend of mine actually got to know someone rather well over this program and was even half-convinced to meet him until we talked her out of it. The main danger was that with ICQ, there were no pictures, profiles or information on the person you were chatting to so you’ll never know what sort of person they could be or whether they are even telling the truth.

However, times have changed so much now with sites like FriendFinder which are great sites for singles to find partners or for people to meet new like-minded friends. This very user-friendly site allows you to date in a very safe environment. Members can express themselves through their blogs or read other blogs to know more about the person, chat in chatrooms or get together in groups of similar interests. It brings together people in a friendly manner, leaving them to choose for themselves how far they wish the relationship to go. It’s a fantastic site and if I had FriendFinder back then, I wouldn’t have wasted my time on ICQ programs!

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