Thursday, June 28, 2007

Talk it out

Do you know of anyone having problems in their sex lives or relationship? If you do and they’re not really open enough to talk about it to others, do recommend them Lily Kotila, a talk therapy expert in Sex Therapy San Diego. It’s always amazing to see how open Americans are about sex and their problems. There are lots of sex counselors and all kinds of sex therapists available. However, it is best to go with popular ones like Lily Kotila who is fast gaining recognition s a San Diego Sex Therapist from a guest appearance on KUSI San Diego morning news and has been invited back. She even offers therapeutic services for those currently in a gay or lesbian relationship which I think is great as usually these couples are sidelined in a conventional world. We definitely should have something like this here! Who knows, it might just cut down all the sex crimes here!

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