Friday, June 22, 2007

Online Coupons

Shopping, shopping, shopping…it’s every woman’s dream. In fact, I’m planning a trip down to Singapore this weekend to check what’s on offer at the Great Singapore Sale. I’ve been hearing and reading so much about it, I can’t wait to go anymore! However, during normal non-sale times, I do enjoy surfing online stores to see what they have on offer. Sometimes they have things at much cheaper prices compared to what I get in the physical stores. Some of my favourite shopping sites are books.

We recently bought a new bookshelf to accommodate all our books and since there’s still so much space to spare, I surfed online to see what other new releases there were. And in the midst of my surfing, I discovered a great site called Keep Cash which offers discount coupons for a myriad of stores, ranging from famous brands such as Banana Republic to the less common brands. I was thrilled to see that they had coupons for an interesting site called Booksamillion, which specializes in the sale of all kinds of books, almost every type you want! This is really great for me as books cost the earth here. A normal paperback here can cost up to RM60 (US$17) while I found books I’ve been looking for a lot less with Booksamillion coupons. Plus, I end up saving more when I use the Keep Cash coupons!

What a great deal! I love it when my book parcel arrives, especially when I’ve forgotten about it. It’s like Christmas and presents all over again, opening the box to discover titles just waiting to be read and savoured. I’m off to fill up my new bookshelf with more titles and to look for great birthday presents for my friends’ children. They have a gorgeous range of children books that make me wish I was a child again! So if you’re looking for discounts on top of your already great online deals, do go to Keep Cash and you’ll definitely find something to buy!


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