Monday, June 04, 2007

Ms. Plastic

I was recently having a debate with my sis on plastic surgery after we watched the Ms Universe pageant. We were wondering if any of the contestants ever had plastic surgery, considering the popularity of plastic surgery today, and whether the organizers would disqualify them if they did. Sometimes it’s scary to see how common plastic surgery is.

I have friends jetting off on a beauty holiday to their plastic surgeon in Los Angeles to do small jobs such as nose jobs or breast augmentation. Others fly off to reputable clinics, such as Rodeo Drive located all over California, that promise one of the most reputable and professional plastic surgeons in California. In fact, if you’re interested, they advise you to contact them to schedule an appointment with their plastic surgeon in California.

Coming back to our debate, do you think beauty queens and contestants today secretly visit Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Los Angeles too?

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